Consumer Lists By Lifestyle

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Adult Dating Service
Affluent Urban Professionals
Airline Club / Frequent Flier
Auto – Luxury Brand Owner
Auto Work
Aviation – Pilot License
Aviation- Aircraft Owner
Beauty and Cosmetics
Big Spenders
Biking / Mountain Biking
Boat Owner
Broader Living
Business List By Owner Lifestyle
Business Owner
Camping / Hiking
Care for Elderly
Career Improvement
Children’s Interests
Christian Families
Collectibles – Antiques
Collectibles – Arts
Collectibles – Coins
Collectibles – General
Collectibles – Sports Memorabilia
Collectibles – Stamps
Collectibles and Antiques Grouping
Collector Avid
College Graduate
College Graduate – Masters
College Graduate – Undergraduate
Common Living
Community / Charities
Condominium Owners
Consumer Electronics
Cooking – General
Cooking – Gourmet
Cooking – Low Fat
Cooking / Food Grouping
Country Club Member
Credit Card – Bank
Credit Card – Gas
Credit Card – Retail
Credit Card – Specialty
Credit Card – Travel
Credit Card – Upscale Retail
Credit Card – Upscale Specialty
Cultural / Artistic Living
Current Affairs / Politics
Debt Consolidation Interest
Dieting / Weight Loss
DIY Living
Education Online
Electronics / Computers Grouping
Empty Nesters
Environmental Issues
Exercise – Aerobic
Exercise – Running / Jogging
Exercise – Walking
Exercise / Health Grouping
Expectant Parent
Fashion – Apparel Interests
Fishing – Out of State License
Fishing – Salt Water
Fishing- Fresh Water
Food – Vegetarian
Food – Wines
Foods – Natural
Frequent Online Buyer
Games – Board Games / Puzzles
Games – Computer Games
Games – Video Games
Gaming – Casino
Gaming – Lottery
Gardening – Interest Grouping
Green Living Lifestyle
Health / Medical
Health Conscious – Nutrition Interest
High Income New Movers
High Tech Living
History / Military
Home Furnishings / Decorating
Home Improvement
Home Improvement – Do-It-Yourselfers
Home Improvement Grouping
Home Living
Home Study Courses
House Plants
Hunting / Shooting
Hybrid / Electric Car Interest
Internet Connection Type (Cable, DSL, Dailup)
Internet User – Activity Level
Investing / Finance Grouping
Investments – Foreign
Investments – Personal
Investments – Real Estate
Investments – Stocks/Bonds
Lakeshore Property Owners
Lifestyle Mailing List with Email Data
Long Distance Carrier – AT&T
Long Distance Carrier – MCI
Long Distance Carrier – SPRINT
Luxury Apparel Buyers Email List
Mail Order Buying Activity – By Category
Membership Club Interest
Money Opportunity Seekers
Movie / Music Grouping
Movie Collector
Movies at Home
Music – Avid Listener
Music – Home Stereo
Music Collector
Music Player
New Parents
Occupation List
Other Pet Owner
Outdoor Enthusiast
Pet Owner – Cat
Pet Owner – Dog
Political Party
Professional Living
Reading – Audio Books
Reading – Best Sellers
Reading – Financial Newsletter Subscribers
Reading – General
Reading – Magazines
Reading – Religious / Inspirational
Reading – Science Fiction
Reading Groups
Real Estate Investors
Religious / Inspirational
Restaurant Enthusiasts
Science / Space
Scuba Diving
Self Improvement
Senior Living with their Children
Sewing / Knitting / Needlework
Single Parent
Smoking / Tobacco
Snow Skiing
Spanish Speaking
Spectator – TV Sports
Spectator Sports – Auto / Motorcycle Racing
Spectator Sports – Baseball
Spectator Sports – Basketball
Spectator Sports – Football
Spectator Sports – Hockey
Spectator Sports – Soccer
Spectator Sports – Tennis
Sports Grouping
Sporty Living
Strange and Unusual
Sweepstakes / Contests
Swimming Pool
Teachers – By Grade Level
Theater / Performing Arts
Travel – Cruise Vacations
Travel – Domestic
Travel – Family Vacations
Travel – International
Travel Grouping
TV – Foreign Channel Subscriber
TV – Cable
TV – HDTV/Satellite Dish
TV – Satellite Dish
TV Shoppers
Upscale Living
Vehicle Type Owner (Make, Model, Year)
Very Affluent Households
Water Sports
Watercraft (Jet Ski, Canoe, etc) Owner
Wireless – Cellular Phone Owner
Yacht Owner