Small Business Lists

SMALL BUSINESS LIST DEFINITION: Number of employees and/or sales volume are the two main qualifiers for classifying a small business list. Every marketer has a different classification definition, so when ordering your small business mailing list be sure to indicate your small business list definition … by number of employees and/or sales volume. DMDatabases general definition of a small business is 10 or fewer employees AND sales under $1,000,000.

SMALL BUSINESS LIST QUANTITY: Due to the very extensive array of sources used for compilation, we offer more small business mailing list names than any other data provider. As of today’s date, we offer over 15,000,000 small business mailing list names and over 7.1 million verified small business email leads.

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Note: Self-Employed (non-employer) data from IRS statistics. Non-employers are primarily comprised of sole proprietorship businesses filing IRS Form 1040, Schedule C. Some non-employer filers include partnership and corporation tax returns that report no paid employees.

SMALL BUSINESS LIST QUALITY: There’s a huge turn-over of businesses within the small business list sector, so note that each month we contract with the USPS to identify companies no longer in business. We also cross-reference with business credit reports and other proprietary sources to identify out-of-business records. Lastly, each year every record is phone called … to update all relevant business data (number of employees, sales volume, email address, etc).
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We offer many business list qualifies to help you customize your optimal small business email list / mailing list.
Employee size
Sales volume
Primary Business Function
Secondary Business Function
Home Address vs Commercial Address
Small Businesses with Website
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SMALL BUSINESS LIST GUARANTEE: Your small business email list / mailing list purchase agreement will include a clear “money-refund” guarantee. We emphasize the word “money” because most data sellers offer a so-called “replacement guarantee” … which is a weak guarantee for many reasons. Bottom-line, we guarantee 95% accuracy or money-refund!

SMALL BUSINESS EMAIL LEADS / EMAIL LIST: We match all competitive small business email list offers … even if just 1 penny per business email address. We only request that the competitive rate matches our “money-refund” data accuracy guarantee.

SMALL BUSINESS LIST INSIGHT: About 80% of all businesses in the US have less than 10 employees and less than $1,000,000 in sales. This whopping 80% captures the fact America’s marketplace is truly made-up of small businesses. Also, note that over 20% of small businesses operate from the home … and this small business sub-segment increases every year. CLICK HERE to learn more about home operated businesses.



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Small Business Owners that play golf
Small Business Owners that play tennis
Small Business Owners with Affluent Lifestyle
Small Business Owners that own a boat
Small Business Owners that own timeshare property
Small Business Owners that play snow ski
Female Small Business Owners
Affluent Small Business Owners – Income $250,000+
Seniors Small Business Owners (Age 70+)
Young Small Business Owners (Age 30 and under)
Small Business Owners that own real estate investment property
Small Businesses with a website