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YES … our business email lists are double source verified, deliverable, and CAN-SPAM compliant. BUT – even more important for your email success is quality– accurate business qualifiers … and this is how we are different from other business email list suppliers.

Many business email list campaigns fail … for the simple reason that most sellers of business email lists do not have quality business data qualifiers … such as verified employee size (versus inferred), job titles, years-in-business, and other business segmentation variables.

Business email addresses are easy to obtain … directories, contribution from other businesses, opt-in surveys, etc. However, collecting AND verifying business demographic data requires lots of work and cost … in many cases a phone call survey … a big expense.

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Email List – Agricultural Companies 125,000
Email List – Mining Companies 31,000
Email List – Construction Companies 402,000
Email List – Contractors 394,000
Email List – Transportation Companies 283,000
Email List – Wholesalers 479,000
Email List – Retailers 1,203,000
Email List – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 619,000
Email List – Service Companies 2,711,000
Email List – Government Offices 181,262
Email List – Unclassified Businesses 604,000
TOTAL *7,032,262

*Above quantity represents “one” key executive contact per company. Business email list quantity is much higher if selecting “multiple” contact names per company.



Marketing Directors (phone verified data!) 97,488
Sales Directors (phone verified data!) 297,581
Small Businesses w/<10 Emp (phone verified data! ) 3,200,000
Asian American Business Owners 81,585
African American Business Owners 205,434
Hispanic Business Owners 167,282
Occupation – Education – Home Email Address 135,589
Occupation – Legal – Home Email Address 50,012
Occupation – Medical – Home Email Address 1,362,454
Occupation – Self Employed – Home Email Address 576,112
Business Owner – Home Email Address 192,662
Business Owner – Home Office Email List 2,100,00
New Businesses Email Addresses – Average Monthly 30,000
Commercial Property Investors 40,987
Contractor – Home Address 45,527
Rental Property Investors 137,722
Self Employed – Home Address 487,836
SOHO – Telecommuter – Works from Home 5,156,501
Very Affluent Business Owners (NW $2MM+) 276,935
Young Business Owners (age <40) 683,150


Our market research shows that the majority of reputable business email list suppliers have email databases that are significantly skewed towards very large companies … and the reason relates to their compilation methods/sources. Emailing to large companies is not good UNLESS you can have the exact executive (job title) related to your offer. Otherwise, your email offer will likely go to an executive who has absolutely no interest or buying authority for your offer. Another obstacle with large companies is that your email will be delivered … though most likely delivered to the corporate SPAM folder … since large corporations have very strict incoming email servers. Rule of thumb … do not send an email offer to any company with 20+ employees … UNLESS you have a specific job title.

Unlike large companies – you don’t need to be as focused on a specific job title since in small companies (<20 employees) most workers know all the other workers - thus are more likely to forward your email to the executive that may have an interest in your offer. Plus, your email offer is more likely to skip the SPAM folder since small companies have more relaxed incoming email server protocols.

While others have more email addresses for large companies – we’re proud to say that we’ve one of the largest business email databases of small companies. With us you can reach 4,000,000 small businesses.

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With our business email lists you have access to verified business data qualifiers …
that you can use to pinpoint your best business prospects.
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